Populus Raises $3.1M in Funding

populusPopulus, a San Francisco, CA-based platform for cities to access data to deliver safe and efficient streets, raised $3.1M in funding.

Backers included Relay Ventures, Precursor Ventures, and a fund exclusively supporting MIT alumni, among others.

Led by CEO and co-founder Regina Clewlow and CTO and co-founder Fletcher Foti, Founded by MIT and UC Berkeley PhDs, Populus provides a platform that allows cities to securely access vehicle and trip data from mobility operators to shape transportation policy and planning.
The solution addresses the need of cities and private operators to manage their streets as shared scooters, bikes, and cars continue to grow in popularity around the world.
Through the interface, city planners can view scooter parking events and trips to identify new bike and scooter parking areas and dedicated lanes.

The platform is being used in several metropolitan areas, including Washington, D.C., the Bay Area, and Los Angeles region, as well as by mobility operators who use their platform to securely deliver insights from their data to cities.



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