14CARS.com, Emerging Car Rental Company Launches New Meta-Search Website

14carsCar rental is such a huge and global industry. In the US alone, more than 32 million households used a car rental service in 2018 based on a study conducted by Statista. This number is expected to reach about 33 million within 2019.

Having this in mind, 14CARS.com is entering the market with the goal to provide innovative ways to help customers get the best deals. To make this happen, they are launching their new meta-data website where users can search for available cars for rent, compare cars and prices, and make a reservation online.

14CARS.com is a search engine for car rental service that covers the start of the search up to booking a car rental deal – all in one website. This service covers all online rental cars worldwide and is available to all users not just in the US but globally.

The 14CARS.com’ feature of product and price comparison will save customers a lot of money as they will never be forced to avail of a pricey deal because of a lack of viable choices ever again. With the reliable interface and algorithm of 14CARS.com, customers will always have the flexibility to choose.

Additionally, like searching for flights, it will be easier to track the trend of prices and stay updated for big discounts or price drops especially during off-peak season.

This start-up company is positioning themselves as a car rental aggregator that capitalizes on providing a reliable, innovative and excellent service.
The travel industry in general, which includes car rental service, is rapidly shifting to metadata or aggregators, making this new search engine website a welcome development for the car rental market.

Having this start-up but strong company in the market, the competition for car rental service has grown stiffer. This favors the clients, as it gives them more advantage to get the most value for their money.

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