Why Hire an Accountant for Your New Business

professionalOften, people seek accounting services when they want to do their annual reports.

Hiring an accountant before that is unthinkable to many. No one wants to incur the cost that comes with hiring an accountant. However, getting accounting services at the early stages of your business is crucial. Here are some benefits of hiring an accountant for your new business.

Setting up the company structure

For every new start-up, it’s imperative to have proper arrangements put in place. Accountants will help you decide on the correct structure for your business. This will be beneficial especially if you have a complicated ownership structure. Getting accountant services will also help you save time and ensure that everything is done right. Also, you’ll save up on money and time you would have spent solving structure issues that might arise in the future.

Creating a business plan

Preparing a business plan is essential for any business. Business plans help company owners to get the necessary funding to get things started. A business plan requires an in-depth understanding of various issues. One aspect that’s crucial when drafting a business plan is finances. This is when you need an accountant to help you calculate and put down the right figures.
After getting proper figures, you’ll be able to predict how well your business is likely to thrive, and the challenges you’re likely to face.

Getting finances in order

Accountants can help you solve your issues around your finances at the early stages. You can get help in financial planning including cash flow and savings. The advantage of proper planning is that your business is likely to grow faster compared to other newly formed start-ups.

The right systems in place

For newly formed start-ups, the priority is usually to get the products right, and then start selling. This, however, isn’t as easy as it sounds. Many steps need to be followed like relegating systems, procedures, and software solutions to support the business. At times, the process can lead to messy payroll, creditor invoices, VAT, debtors list, and so forth.
An accountant will help you set the right software, so that you can trade efficiently from the first day. Notably, you’ll end up saving a lot of money by setting up working systems.

Applying for a loan or overdraft

In case you need additional funding, an accountant can help if you apply for a bank loan or other sources of financing. They can help you draw up accurate documents that will ensure you get the funding you need. Having an accountant in your company will also show creditors that you’re serious about your business.

Meeting deadlines

A newly formed business demands a lot of time from the owner, and it’s easy to miss a lot of deadlines. Having an accountant will enable you to keep track of things and avoid being on the wrong side of the law. Good business accountants will help you set up a system that ensures everything is completed before the required dates.

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