Vast Data Raises $80M in Funding

vast dataVast Data, a NYC-based storage company, raised $80M in funding in two rounds.

Backers included Norwest Venture Partners, Dell Technologies Capital, 83 North, Goldman Sachs and a TPG Growth-sponsored investment platform.

The company intends to use the funds to continue to expand operations and business reach.

Led by Renen Hallak, founder & CEO, Vast Data invented a new type of storage architecture from the ground up to exploit technologies such as NVMe over fabrics, Storage Class Memory (SCM) and low-cost QLC flash. The result is an exabyte-scale, all-NVMe flash, disaggregated shared-everything (DASE) architecture that enables global algorithms to deliver high levels of storage efficiency and system resilience.
Enterprises can now consolidate applications onto a single tier of storage that meets the performance needs of the most demanding workloads, is scalable to manage all of a customer’s data and eliminates the need for storage tiering and archiving.



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