Transferring from Ladesk to LiveAgent

customer careOne of the most advanced software applications for help desk service, LiveAgent is all set to make a major transition this year.

In an attempt to revamp their existing status of customer relations management, the domain name for will henceforth be transferred to So in order to access the features and functionalities of this helpdesk software, all existing and future customers will have to use as the website URL.

A popular product of the company QualityUnit, the LiveAgent application has been offering quality services and over 200 different functionalities to its customers for more than 10 years now. And talks had been going on for several years, with endless negotiations and preparations, to transfer the domain of to

As per reports, chief of the Marketing and Customer Success department at LiveAgent, Mr. David Cacik, has said that going by contemporary trends, visuals and branding play a key role in influencing the customers. So they are aiming to cultivate and develop the brand value that LiveAgent is already bestowed with.

Mr. Cacik has added that in this digital era, with easier access to information all over the world, the dynamics of the consumer demands are evolving rapidly. It, therefore, becomes crucial to focus on providing a unique, unforgettable experience to the users; and strive to establish greater reliability and versatility.

Various news sources have said that Mr. Tomas Varga of their Customer Success department, has pointed out certain difficulties regarding the name of the product. According to Mr. Varga, various customers had previously mistaken the actual name of “ladesk”, which led to them coining different names such as Live Agent, LAD Ask, LAdesk, Live Agent Desk and more. The company believes that the confusion that has resulted among hundreds of existing customers as well as prospective ones, speaks a lot about their brand image. Even though they have so far maintained impeccable customer service experience and have never been questioned on that ground, the name of their product does bear a direct relation to their image. Therefore, an attempt to unify the brand name to generate something which is less confusing will add to their benefit.

After this transition to, the company plans to expand their business operations by tapping into the yet unexplored avenues. Since brand reputation, which is of prime importance, is basically built by consumer reviews, they have actively initiated this domain transition. They strongly believe that eliminating any confusion regarding the brand name will help them cater to requirements of a wider range of industries. And this will ultimately strengthen their brand image in the market and also help them to further scale up operations.

However, even though they plan to foray into newer zones of business after this transition, their commitment to customers remains unchanged. In this brand new year, the prime focus for LiveAgent is to continue with their performance to provide top-class customer satisfaction, as they have done always. Their customer-centric approach will be at the core of all their operations, and this transition to only strengthens this point.

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