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Zestful Raises $1.1M in Funding


Catalog HeroZestful, a Denver, CO-based company enabling employers to offer customizable employee perk programs, launched with $1.1m in funding.

Backers in the round included Bessemer Venture Partners, Day One Ventures, Matchstick Ventures, and Shrug Capital.

Founded by Mat Vogels, Zestful provides companies with a platform to create perks and rewards programs for their employees. Companies can customize which specific products or categories an employee can spend their benefit dollars on.
The Zestful Perk Card looks and works just like a regular debit card but only allows purchases of products approved in the Zestful Catalog, and only up to balance given by the company (e.g. $100 a month).
Currently, the catalog includes hundreds of services like Spotify, Netflix, Uber, Coursera, Airbnb, gym memberships, meal delivery kits, and Southwest Airlines. It includes categories like fitness/health, food/drink, education, events, experiences, and companies can also add services and products to their catalog that employees request. Employees can also donate any leftover monthly allowance to charity.
Employers can get started at $5 per employee per month, and there’s no commitment required.

The company is an alumnus of the Winter 2017 class of Y Combinator.