HeyTutor Raises $1M in Series A Funding

Skyler Lucci (CEO) and Ryan Neman (President)
Skyler Lucci (CEO) and Ryan Neman (President)

HeyTutor, a Los Angeles, CA-based an online marketplace connecting students with local tutors, and tutors with jobs, raised $1M in Series A funding.

The round was led by ScOp Venture Capital.

The company intends to use the funds to expand the business, scale the technology, and grow the team.

Started in in 2014 by Skyler Lucci (CEO) and Ryan Neman (President), HeyTutor provides a platform that allows tutors to create an account and set their preferences on subjects and schedules for tutoring. The tutors are then pre-screened for quality, and if they pass, they are notified of all new jobs that meet their criteria. The system allows users to find jobs, communicate with students, optimize their schedules, obtain additional teaching resources, and get paid in a timely manner.



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