Fertility Focus Raises $2.7M in Series A Funding

fertility-focusFertility Focus, a Warwick, UK-based fertility monitoring technology company, secured $2.7m in Series A funding.

The round was led by Foresight Group and Coutts Investment Club. In conjunction with the funding, Foresight’s Rob Jones joined Fertility Focus’ board.

The company intends to use the funds to accelerate further commercialization of its flaghsip product, OvuSense, in North America and Europe, and conduct additional clinical trials.

Led by Robert Milnes, CEO, Fertility Focus provides OvuSense, a product specifically designed for women who are concerned about their fertility or ability to conceive. Using an intravaginal monitor that measures core body temperature, OvuSense detects minute changes in temperature that mirror the rise and fall in progesterone during the cycle, helping women understand their cycle, learn when they are ovulating, diagnose issues with the cycle, and track the effect of any medication they may need or already be taking.
Fertility Focus has also marketed the FertiloScope™, a minimally invasive instrument for the early diagnosis and immediate corrective surgery of the physical causes of female infertility.
The company is continuously developing new technology to support women along all stages of their fertility journeys.



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