Ystrategies to Raise $25M+ Seed Fund

YstrategiesYstrategies Corp., (OTC: YSTR), a Pittsburgh and San Francisco-based publicly traded venture capital firm focused on technology startups with intellectual property in the software and cleantech sectors, is launching an external fund for investment in seed-stage science-based technology businesses.

The fund will include an allocation of $11 million from existing investments. The investment in Vayu Corp., a leader in optimizing wind farms with cloud computing software, and three other pending transactions will be included in it.

Led by CEO Jim Kiles, Ystrategies is a publicly-traded venture capital firm focused on building businesses focused on critical issues such as renewable energy and clean technology. The firm invests in science and technology emerging from the US National Laboratory System, incubators, businesses and academic institutions.
Kiles is supported by industry veterans Ashish Badjatia, Doug Gilbert-Smith, Andrea Kates, Paul Overby, Jon Sigerman, Neil Cohen and Shirley Gee.



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