Wisdo Raises $11M in Seed Funding

wisdoWisdo, a Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel-based startup creating an app addressing social network loneliness, raised $11m in seed funding.

Backers included Google, Amazon, 23andMe, Oracle, Yahoo, and angels.

Founded by media and tech industry veterans Boaz Gaon and Ido Jonathan Engel, Wisdo provides an app designed to match individuals and groups around shared life experiences, rather than shared friends or interests. The app connects people by using their patented algorithm to pair users through their life experiences.
Users are asked which communities they would like to join ranging from depression and anxiety, to surviving sexual assault, to improving body image, to parenting or child adoption. Through its ‘timeline’ feature, users in each community lay out their shared life experiences into steps, or notable challenges they’ve faced during a pivotal life event.
Wisdo’s patented algorithm analyzes this to understand where people have been and where people are still struggling. Based on more than 13 million collected steps for more than 70 communities, Wisdo has developed a map for each life experience.
Upon choosing communities and meaningful experience steps, the app users have access to a group of people facing the same issues to provide a social support network built around shared experiences.

The app has 500,000 beta users.



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