Six Robotics Companies to Watch in 2019

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With advancements in robotics and artificial intelligence, science is making ground-breaking innovations. With every passing second, the world is getting ahead towards a future where robots will be inculcated in our lives.

If you are a technology enthusiast or stay in touch with innovations and technology, then you must know we have surpassed the initial stages of artificial intelligence.

Now, robotics is not limited to assembling units or packaging only but is serving in almost every field. Limitless possibilities are offering different roles for robots in a our society.

In this piece of writing, we will discuss 6 interesting robotic companies we are looking forward in 2019. All the companies we have listed below and the the specific field of development they work have extraordinary potential to change the world in a more autonomous way.

1. Shenzhen YueJiang Technology Corporation Ltd.:

YueJiang Technology Corporation, Ltd has been established in China by six robotic engineers. The company presents itself as the best robotic arm company in the world. The team at YueJiang has been working on the development of multiple functioning desktop robots. However, the company’s primary interest is in multi-functional production line robots to help in the manufacturing industry. One of the star products at YueJiang is Dobot Magician.
It is the robotic arm with extendable interfaces and interchangeable end heads. Dobot Magician facilitates the customers in laser engraving, 3D printing, picking and placing, writing and drawing and various other functions. One of the principal features associates with YueJiang products is that the company is offering high-quality products with industry precision at commercial rates. For the year 2019, we are looking at YueJiang for some high class, exact robotic desktop arms products in many industries.

2. Generic Robotic:

Do you have any interest in VR technology? If yes then Generic robotic is the company, you put your faith in for 2019. Established as a scientific company, Generic Robotics offers customers an experience of a lifetime.  The company provides the customers to experience and alter the 3D objects in the VR environment. Generic robotics has been working in close ties with the medical field and is supplying the pharmaceutical industry with remarkable products. One product of generic robotics is SIMUTOUCH which is designed to attain the regular operating position with the help of a reliable and comprehensive system.
Another product SIMUTEACH by Generic robotic offers the clinician all around the world access to medical knowledge. No matter what your medical specialty is, the product provides clinical information along with 3D anatomical models for fast learning. So learn to your maximum with a simulated medical environment along with 3D models and a plethora of medical information on each subject.

3. Rokid corporation, Ltd.:
Established in the year 2014, Rokid Corporation is yet in its early stages of development. However, when we talk about the top robotic companies we are looking forward in 2019, then Rokid Corporation is the one.  The company has offices in Beijing, California, and Hangzhou with its research centers being in San Francisco and Beijing. Rokid Corporation has been working in face identification technology, image processing, and various related technologies.
The company is working in collaboration with Alibaba to create an amazing open source platform- Rokid Full Stack Open Platform. With the help of third-party hardware developer and Voice help of Rokid Corporation, now developers can have easy access to the open resources. This cooperation has been regarded as a platform to combine the developers from America and China and offer convenient access to the Chinese markets.

4. Futr:

Founded in the year 2017, Futr, formerly known as Botskill, is making excellent progress in robotics. For the year 2019, the company is preparing and planning on developing a SaaS platform. With the help of SaaS platform, the users get the ease of building a No-code Chatbot for business. The product is intended to be supported by an artificial technology to enhance the automation. The invention will take the service on a new level along with introducing data visualization and customization. The focus of Futr is to help businesses in achieving their organizational goals with maximum engagement and enhanced efficiency. The company CEO Andy Wilkins is of the view that the technology that Futr is planning to produce for the year 2019 will assist the clients’ companies in dealing with their business concerns.

5. Al-Nemo:

No matter how much automation and innovation we achieve at the industrial level, the first service of the robotics stars from the homes. At the retail level although there is a wide variety of robotic devices available, however, Chinese startup Al-Nemo has come up with a new idea. The company is up to develop a desktop operated robot for the homes. In this technology, you have the facility to communicate with your family members. If you are having trouble in keeping up with your job and parents, then Define Robot by Al-Nemo is all you need. Define robot is a desktop computer along with a micro camera and the ability to move. The robot is also equipped with reading and sending messages and emergency texts.
The company is also planning on making the Define robot more integrated and refined solution to be used in homes.

6. Fortem Technologies, Inc.:

Fortem Technologies has been working with the law and enforcement agencies and helping them with creating great Artificial intelligence based equipment. This company offers Fortem&Rsquo collaborative effort- TrueView R20. TrueView R20 is an artificial intelligence based radar platform. The compact and lighter radar system assist to human-crewed aircraft and various other non-cooperative objects including drones, birds and many more. With the increasing threat of terrorism and weak conditions of law and order, the company is committed to providing precise equipment to defeat criminals.


All the companies we have mentioned above are although working in the different field, however, at the core, their operations and products are based on AI and automation. When we see the work that has been going on in robotics, the time has come when the robots will take positions in almost all part of our lives. What are your thoughts on this increasing dependence on robotics? What do you think about the companies we mentioned above? Let us know in the comment section below.



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