Five Fintech Companies to Watch In 2019

fintechWith the shockingly expanding technological advancement in the financial industry, we all are in state of awe.

According to reports, in 2017, investors globally deployed $16.6B across 1,128 deals to venture capital-backed fintech companies.

Globally, the last few decades have witnessed a huge increase in online transactions. Fintech companies offer various innovative and highly pertinent solutions to almost all industries.

In this post, we discuss 5 fintech companies we will follow in 2019. So, if you are into the fintech sector and want to know more about it, all you have to do is to keep reading it.

Security has been the most consistent concern in all industries. With the increasing dependency of people on online banking, security threats and breaches also have increased many folds. However, the use of Blockchain technology offers businesses a platform to secure their transactions.

A new concern has been raised for the regulators due to decentralized currencies. With the evolving fintech industry, the consumer experience is also getting redefined. So let’s see below five companies who are trying to redefine the financial services industry in the different global markets.

Lending is something that is making most of the financial industry. When we talk about lending and choosing the best lender, it can prove daunting. With introducing Tala now, users can have a convenient and secure lending experience. But this is not what makes this service so special. Instead, with the help of Tala, now consumers have the opportunity to choose the best deal. Given this, by choosing this service, a customer can save effort, time and money.
The Tala mortgage searching service also keeps the users updated regarding the best deals available in the market and continues searching and analyzing the market.
What Tala has planned for the users in 2019 is the improvement of open banking facilities for the more prompt and convenient mortgage process.

Circle is a peer-to-peer platform for payments. With this service, customers have the facility to receive and send the money through app and even with the help if iMessage services.
With the increasing demand for the cryptocurrency, Circle’s valuation reaches to approx. $3 billion. However, there are various lagging points which have to be overcome to improve the service. One of the most concerning issues for the Circle is instability, which needs immediate attention and focus.
For 2019, Circle’s mission is to improve the payments procedure and to make it as convenient as possible.

When DigiBank established its business, it was considered as an addition to the digital-only banking system. It offers a banking solution for all those who are living their lives on their smartphones and want an online banking solution. With extensive fame and popularity, DigiBank is next in our list of top fintech companies in 2019. DigiBank earns all this by offering digital-only banking solutions to smartphone users. With the increasing customers’ satisfaction and reliability, we are sure it will give tough competition to the biggest giants of the Asian banking industry.
For 2019, we hope DigiBank will become more profitable.

Receipt Bank:
Receipt Bank provides a bookkeeping software which offers customers the opportunity to download reports and spreadsheets and to integrate their accounting software with it. So, if you have cloud-based accounting software, then you can have all your accounting data sorted. The cloud-based technology helps businesses in sorting and automating their expenses and accounts. For various businesses out there it is an opportunity to save not only money but also time and effort.
As far as we have analyzed the year, 2019 will shower a consistent growth in the receipts bank’s lap.

Apart from handling transactions and security, another major issue faced by the businesses is human resources management. If you are tired of managing the balance between HR, payroll and benefits, then try Gusto. The automation software will offer the customers peace of mind by providing timely HR solutions and management.
Throughout 6 years, Gusto has served over 60,000 large and small businesses, and it’s exceeding its services with every passing day. For 2019, the company has so much planned to place on the table with increased automation and control, and we are eager to enlighten ourselves about it.
Throughout several decades, we have witnessed a lot of changes and improvements in the fintech industry, which has offered us open banking, know your customer, peer-to-peer transfers, API technology and blockchain for protecting our banking transaction data.
So, when we talk about the fintech trends in the year 2019, one thing is for sure, this year will be full of innovations. However, here what excites us is the combination of automatic robotics and human performance, and we are keen to watch how this combo work.

At the end of this discussion, all we want to add is that fintech companies are the leading trendsetters and we are expecting a lot of dynamic and innovative changes from these companies.

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