Andreessen Horowitz, Five Tech Trends to Follow in 2019

businessAndreessen Horowitz, the iconic venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley, identified five tech trends they will follow in 2019. Given their successes and popularity among technologists, it can be a useful move for everybody of us to follow them, as well.

They include:
1. Bio and healthcare future
According to Andreessen Horowitz, we’re entering a new era where the very definition of “what is a medicine” is changing thanks to technology. This can have several implications in drug design and therapies, overall. Given this, we need to focus on how the healthcare system will innovate and balance the short and long term, what will be the latest frontiers of science in human longevity and how to harness nature to address humanity’s other problems.

2 Crypto
Beyond some frauds in the early days, crypto has already generated immediate use cases, and made it possible to leverage entirely new applications. Now, we need to know what are some of the key uses and applications and what it takes to bring them to reality.

3 A New Tech Era Impacting Everything 
We need to ask ourselves where industries being impacted by tech (such as retail) are right now and how old and new tech trends (such as wearables, AR/VR, blockchain) eveolve. In addition, what can we learn from music, TV, and food, among others? Finally, we also need to monitor how machine learning will affect established industries.

4 The Evolution of Old Behaviors with New Tech and Business Models
According to the firm, we’re still in the early days of the Internet. Given this, “what’s possible — for commerce, entertainment, content creators and influencers, and brands old and new — when we go beyond business models that rely only on advertising?

5 Fintech
On one hand, how big companies do innovation? Build or buy? On the other hand, how are startups new entrants reinventing legacy businesses such as insurance and real estate via technology? What’s their impact at individual, industry, economy level?



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