Wildcat Venture Partners to Raise $120M for Second Venture Capital Fund

wildcat venture capitalWildcat Venture Partners, a San Mateo, CA-based venture capital firm, is to raise $120m for its second fund.

According to an SEC filing, Wildcat Technology Partners II, L.P., has not raised funds, yet.

Co-founded in 2015 by Bill Ericson, Bruce Cleveland, Bryan Stolle, and Katherine Barr, Wildcat Venture Partners is a venture capital firm that invests in early stage technology companies creating systems of intelligence to become market disruptors.
The firm invests in startups leveraging key technologies such as Machine Learning/AI, IoT, and Cloud & Mobility and is specifically interested in teams applying these technologies in the following markets: Consumer Platforms, Digital Health, EdTech, Enterprise SaaS, and FinTech.

While Wildcat opportunistically invests in later stage companies, its strategic investment interest is in companies that are entering in what they call “the Traction Gap”, the period between a startup’s initial product release and the product’s ability to generate traction in the market.
To help backed companies traverse the traction gap, the firm founded The Traction Gap Institute™ (TGI). It aims to track, capture and publish stories, tactics and metrics startups need to traverse the Traction Gap. TGI has interviewed dozens of CEOs and founders who have successfully made it through this period, and captured their go to market tips, tricks and techniques. The Institute hosts conferences, workshops and other events where it shares these findings and encourages entrepreneurs and venture capital firms to share best practices so that early stage startups can traverse the Traction Gap.

Backed companies include
– Aceable
– Amplero
– C3
– Carrum Health
– Clover Health
– GreenFig
– Key
– LeaseLock
– Obo
– Olono
– Reach
– Reserve
– Ritual
– Tuition.io
– Vina
– Vlocity
– what3words
– Zebit

The firm’s extended investment team also includes:
– Nathaniel Krasnoff, Associate
– Phyllis Whiteley, Venture Partner
– Brett Teele, COO & Operating Partner
– Derrick Lee, CFO
– Geoffrey Moore, Venture Partner
– Jennifer Trzepacz, Chief People Officer & Operating Partner
– Bill Davidow, Senior Advisor.



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