How To Strategically Approach Sports Investing

Are you interested in a type of investing which is almost guaranteed to deliver 200% ROI?

Matched betting and other types of sports investing strategies can be a highly effective, low-risk way to invest your money. Contrary to some common misconceptions, this has nothing to do with gambling, but rather a strategic approach to getting value from investments.

The Difference Between Sports Investing and Gambling

The type of strategies we will discuss in this article are not gambling. Gambling involves chance, where success and return is dependent on luck (and the entire system is geared towards the bookmaker or the casino winning and profiting overall).

Sports investing uses specific strategies and techniques to work within the system and gain an edge over the bookmakers, to receive a guaranteed return on investments. One type of sports investing which uses a strategic approach, for example, is matched betting. This involves taking advantage of the free offers which bookmakers give to new and reloading customers, and playing these against the exact opposite result at the same odds for a guaranteed return.

These strategies are completely legal and in many cases (such as matched betting) tax-free, and though they do require a fair amount of knowledge to execute them correctly, this is knowledge which can be learned.

Choosing Your Investment

There are many different types of sports investing, from results of sports matches such as premier league football in the UK or NFL and NHL in the US, to horse racing. Because of the level of knowledge required, it is best to pick two or a maximum of three niches so that you can dedicate your time and focus to skilling up in this area. As your investment rolls out you need to keep on top of developments and trends, so limiting this to two or three areas of focus is essential.

You should also consider seasonal calendars, and balance your investments across two areas which operate in the other sport’s off seasons. This means your investments will be working for 12 months a year rather than only six or eight.

How To Generate Steady ROI On Your Investment

In order to generate long term revenue from your sports investing, you will need to establish a detailed strategy, whether you develop this on your own or by signing up with a program or website. You can then generate substantial long terms profits, of course depending on the type of investment, and the volumes of bets being placed.

For example, the free bets in the UK which matched betting uses are generally around £10. Book makers usually allow a cash-out of 80-90% on these offers, meaning profit generated per bet will be £8 to £9. Given the numbers of bookmakers in the UK and the frequency of free sign-up and reload offers, if applying this strategy regularly and properly you can expect to generate between £500 and £1000 in revenue per month from matched betting.

Other types of sports investing you can expect to see accumulative returns on your investment through proper bankroll management of over 200% ROI. For example, you can expect an initial investment of $10,000 to grow to $1 million over 5 years, but you will not see high returns initially.

These strategies are aimed at long-term returns rather than large short-term results. However, sports investing, when executed in a well-research and strategic way, will deliver steady and consistent returns over the long term.

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