How to Start a Blog to Make Money

Starting a blog to earn you passive income or simply share information is easier than you might have thought.

Whenever the topic of creating a blog comes up, our minds rush to tell us how we do not know to code. Coding is a simple language that you can learn over a short time. However, the good news is you do not need to learn how to code to start a blog. The following are five considerations to help you start blogging today.

how to start a blog

Figure out What to Blog About

What will be your blog niche? You cannot write about everything. Narrowing down to a specific topic will help you get visitors who share the same interest. For example, you may decide to talk about how to keep a diary. Not everyone considers keeping a diary as an important thing, but those who do will love your blog. Write topics that you are passionate about. Venturing to topics that do not interest you will drain your energy and eventually kill your blogging career.

Choose a Hosting Provider

Hosting providers keep all the information that you upload to your blog. A good hosting company will help you establish your blog easily. The best hosting companies have high uptime. Being a beginner, look for hosting companies that have excellent customer support and a 99% to 100 % uptime.

Pick a Domain Name for Your Blog

A domain name is simply the name or the address of your website. Let your domain name relate to the topic you want to talk about in your blog. That way, visitors with interest in your topic will easily find you. Memorizing short domain names is easier compared to memorizing long domain names. Keep your domain name short and easy. Your visitors will share your blog even with the word of mouth just because your domain name is easy to pronounce and unique. Think of a famous website you know and check its domain name, for example, Coca-Cola.

Customize Your Blog

Pick colors that match. Let your website appeal to the eyes of your visitors. No one is going to waste their time on blogs that are not appealing to the eye. Customize your site just the way you would dress. Colors to use on your blog should complement your niche. A blog about love cannot have the black color as the primary color. If your blog is about girl stuff, pink is the best color to use. Color and design of your blog speak volumes.

Monetize Your Blog

After putting up your blog, you have to attract visitors. Share your blog’s link with others and optimize it for search engines. Search engines have unique algorithms they use to determine which blog ranks above others. A website that ranks higher than other websites in search engines gets most visitors. You have to figure out how to improve your blog’s rankings for you to get more visitors.
Starting a blog is easy, and you can do it before the end of today. You will learn more about blogging along the way.

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