Ethereum Classic and Why Crypto Enthusiasts Are Buying it On Changelly

etc-coinEthereum classic has a myriad of supporters and skeptics. There are some smart contract platforms that are disliked by some, and some are highly supported by others. As a result, it leads to a lot of interesting conversations when discussing the future of Ethereum Classic.

Is it a Good Time to Obtain Ethereum Classic?

It’s up to you to decide if what possibility is more realistic. However, there are a lot of options that are on the table. And it’s fate won’t be sealed in a long time anyway. If you believe in Ethereum Classic’s story, for the short, medium, or long-term, you might be able to obtain some gains from owning it.

For our readers, the choice is in your hands. At least, Ethereum Classic is a good smart contract blockchain, one that’s advantaged by being included on major blockchain platforms. So whether ETC reaches $0 or $1000, you should be paying attention to it.

How to Get Ethereum Classic on Changelly?

Getting Ethereum Classic

Buying Ether Classic tokens can be difficult when using fiat currency. But you can exchange other coins such as ETH, BTC, LTC, and in exchange it for ETC tokens. This procedure is very simple.

Here are the important things you need before buying ETC:
– An ETC address where you can obtain your ETC tokens.
– Some altcoins/bitcoins you can exchange for ETC.

Create a Sign Up Account
And after you want to get an account with Changelly. Start by clicking on the Sign-up button that’s located on the top-right corner of the screen. Enter your email address and press the “I’m not a robot” and press the “Continuing sign up” button.

Or, you can sign-up using Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ accounts. Very straightforward process right? You’ll receive an email with your temporary password and username.

Change Your Account Password

Now that you’ve obtained a temporary password, the next step is to change the password into something personalized. We suggest that you change the password and place it in a safe place. To begin the process, click on the My Account, next to the Logout button and go to your Profile.

Enter your temporary password into your “Old Password” field and then the “New Password” and a “Repeat New Password” boxes. Press “Save” to proceed. And on this same page, there is a quick prompt that shows you that the change was completed.

Secure Your Account With 2 Factor Authentication

Protecting your crypto assets is an important step in holding them for the long term. The 2FA process helps reduce the amount of identity theft cases and phishing from email. This helps makes it harder for hackers to steal your identity and personal information.

To create a 2FA, use Google Authenticator to start the process. Once its installed, scan the QR code. After that, a 6 digit code is made by Google Authenticator. Type in the 6-digit code and your password. After that, press the ‘Enable’ button.

Start Buying Ethereum on Changelly

Now that you’ve created an account and set up a password, now you can get Ethereum Classic on Changelly. On the homepage, press your desired currency and the amount of ETC you want to buy.

Then, select the “Enter the Bitcoin Address of your recipient” and press the “I’m not a robot” button and then continue. On the next page, enter your ‘Billing Address’ and ‘Personal Address.’ Make sure that everything is confirmed and is up to date.

After adding in your information, you’ll be sent to a 3D secure system where you’ll receive a text message or a phone number to verify the transaction. Now you’ve successfully obtained Ethereum Classic!


Overall, crypto enthusiasts can get Ethereum Classic on Changelly. After you’ve completed your transaction, you can start to buy ETC and other crypto assets within the platform. So make sure that you use the platform to ensure you’ll receive your favorite assets within a few minutes.

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