WEconnect Closes $6.05M in Series A Funding Round

weconnectWEconnect, a Seattle, WA-based healthcare-technology company, closed a $6.05m Series A round of funding.

Backers included:
– Fred Luddy, founder of ServiceNow,
– Larry Leeds Jr. from Buckingham Capital,
– Andrew Wilkinson, founder of Metalab,
– Mark Ein, CEO of Venturehouse group,
– Sam Ketcham,
. Tim Kerr, and
– others.

Founded by former French Open Champion Murphy Jensen and tech entrepreneur Daniela Tudor, WEconnect uses evidence-based treatment methods to create a support network for patients across the US. The app supports patients in their first year of recovery after substance abuse treatment, a crucial time in the rehabilitation process, to reduce relapse, keep individuals accountable, connected to community support and help them thrive in recovery.
The company provides patients with a network of support after they leave treatment facilities, setting up check-ins with counselors, and offering rewards for activities that support long-term recovery. WEconnect also gives treatment centers a tool to track treatment plan routines and prioritize care via a proprietary relapse risk score which identifies the risk of relapse before it happens so a patient’s support network can intervene.

First released in 2016, the app is currently used by thousands of individual patients across the United States, and is being adopted by treatment centers Volunteers of America and Zepf Center, with potential to reach more than 20 thousand patients post-treatment.
The company was initially funded with $260,000 from angel investors.



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