Venture Capital Firm ru-Net Rebrands as RTP Global

Leonid Boguslavsky
Leonid Boguslavsky – LinkedIn Profile Photo

ru-Net, the international early stage investment and venture capital firm founded by Leonid Boguslavsky, is rebranding as RTP Global.

The name change reflects the success of its USA based arm and firm’s evolution to a globally focused venture capital firm.

RTP Global is a diversified technology investment firm with offices in Moscow and New York, also evaluating new footprint opportunities. The company invests mainly in the consumer internet space and software companies. In details, it specializes in the following areas:
– AI,
– FoodTech,
– HealthTech,
– MediaTech (including Sport),
– Mobility,
– Transportation,
– PropTech,
– FinTech, and
– e-Commerce.

RTP Global supports investees from early on, offering all resources to thrive, particularly focusing on streamlining and optimizing critical customer and business operations,  throught deep commercial expertise.

The firm’s portfolio currently consists of over 50 companies, mainly distributed across USA, India and the rest of Asia, Europe and Russia.
Backed companies include:
– Yandex,
– Delivery Hero,
– ivi,
– ozon,
– Tradeshift,
– Ring Central,
– SumUp,
– DataDog,
– Faasos,
– Practo and
– The Urban Sports Club,
– among others.

Prior to his involvement in venture capital, in 1997-2001, Boguslavsky was the Managing Partner of Management Consulting Services and IT Consulting at PwC Russia, later combined with dual role of the Head e-Business in Central and Eastern Europe. In the early 1990s, he had established and developed one of Russia’s largest IT solutions companies with preferred distribution agreements and partnerships including Oracle, Compaq, Sun, Cisco, and many others.

Boguslavsky started his career as a scientific researcher in performance evaluation and modeling of computer systems and networks at the USSR Academy of Sciences where he obtained a PhD and Doctorate Degree in the field. Boguslavsky holds a MS degree in Applied Mathematics.

In 2017, he founded Super League Triathlon as a new format in the global sportainment market.



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