Users Can Pay Tolls With a Touch N’ Go E-Wallet

fintechIn Malaysia, it has become difficult to create a niche where each player isn’t using the same strategies of providing merchant discounts or cash backs. Based on Malaysia’s 30 players, the new app Touch N Go (TNG) is designed to help pay for toll fees when paired with an RFID system.

By connecting the RFID system with your e-wallet, it helps the company identify and analyze user behavior and give them a better set of data. With this data, it can be shared with the local authorities to help with traffic management and planning.

How Does This System Work?

The RFID system is a sticker that’s placed on the headlamp or windshield on the user’s car. Once its installed, the scanner will determine the radio frequency on the sticker. Then, the charges will be deducted from your TNG wallet.

Unlike its previous installment that showed transaction results in 48 hours, the new RFID system shows your results in real-time. And they’ve included a nice security feature, once the tag is removed from the car it automatically becomes void.

Similar to the Smart Tag system, if you there are no funds in the wallet, the toll booth won’t open. This can lead to a congestion if the company is unable to utilize the e-wallet payment system once it’s fully deployed.

E-Wallets Explained

An e-wallet or a digital wallet is a payment system that securely stores personal information (credit card numbers, passwords, etc.) which can be used for e-transactions. With a secured e-wallet payment system, the checkout process is expedited. Thus, making it faster than traditional transaction methods.

Advantages of E-Wallet Payment Systems

Digital wallets can also store your digital coupons and loyalty card information. Here are some reasons why people are switching towards e-wallet’s today:

Split Bill

Having the ability to split the bill between your friends is a huge advantage. For instance, Mobikwik and Freecharge users can divide their bills by entering the designated amount. The number of people that are required to pay, will have the funds withdrawn from their account.

Also, these wallets give you a link that you can send to people who owe you money. Because of this feature, you can efficiently pay restaurants efficiently.

Loading Money

E-wallet systems allow users to add money in their wallet via debit card or credit card, or net banking. Having the ability to store the details saves you time and the hassle of entering the details each time you create a transaction, and it saves time.


Having an e-wallet payment system for daily transactions is easy to set up. Simply download the app and making a user ID and password. You can even use social media apps such as Facebook or Gmail from your smartphone.


Due to TNG’s E-wallet system, we’ll see an improvement in the toll-free transaction process. If used correctly, we’ll find faster payment options than just paying via cash. So, we will have to see how e-wallet systems grow within the few years to see how it will make an impact.

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