UK Private Equity Deals Go Ahead


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The year is not over, yet it is not too early to say that it was a good one for private markets. More and more investors continue to show interest and have faith in the private markets. It seems that there has been a surge of megafunds. This is indeed surprising taking into consideration Brexit politics.

The United Kingdom has been put in the position of dealing with difficult negotiations as the result of leaving the European Union. As far as the private equity industry is concerned, it has struggled to keep on top of business. Earlier this year, a significant drop in was expected. As it turns out, private equity deals are not declining. Far from it. there are strong expectations for the private equity market, in spite of the fact that strong challenges remain ahead of the road.

The world’s largest institutional investors agree with the fact that commitment will increase over the course of the following months. Investors, as well as managers, are more enthusiastic than ever, allocating a considerable percentage of their portfolios to private assets. Top performers are been able to achieve records highs, which translates into the fact that things are not as bad they may look at first glance. Traditional lenders and credit unions, on the other hand, are going through a tough time. To be more precise, they are no longer seen as the ideal form of finance. When it comes to furthering business objectives, companies turn to private equity firms for help.


Growth outlook bright despite Brexit uncertainty

The United Kingdom is currently making efforts to finalise the Brexit negotiations. Many say that Britain is ready to walk away from the negotiations excepting that the demands are softened. The Brexit Secretary has affirmed on many occasions that the United Kingdom is not willing to make compromises. The fact of the matter is that the country is trying to remain intact. There is no way of knowing if Britain will succeed in striking a deal that is good for the entire country. What is certain is that the private equity industry has not been affected, at least not for the time being. There is no risk of a total train wreck.

Many have been able to leverage XIO Group fund holdings, but that is not what is important here. What matters the most is the fact that the private equity industry experiences growth. It will be long until the sector will reach the all-time high yet, considering the booming conditions, it will happen in a short time. The industry is finally starting to consolidate, fundraising being positive for most asset classes and regions. Firm managers have had the chance to show that they are capable of delivering real value and they are different from the competition. The United Kingdom’s position as the most attractive place for investment will not change too soon.

What is behind private equity growth?

It is only normal to want to know what has driven the development of this sector of the financial market. Wisdom seems to be the logical answer. Megafunds are regarded as a safe alternative to traditional financing options. The fact that they carry a brand name is not necessarily what makes large pools of money from private equity firms seem free from harm. The reason why businesses prefer partnering with private equity firms is that they deliver outperformance. The funds of these organisations dispose of tend to be larger and they are raised in a fairly small amount of time.

Owing to the fact that it has managed to create value, the private equity industry enjoys profits, as well as a steady stream of revenue. The good news is that the sector has an increased appetite for new connections. This basically means that companies are looking forward to exploring new relationships the following year with important players. Numerous firms have already branched out, meaning that they have done what was required in order to go in a new direction. If only other businesses would follow their example. It is highly unlikely that Brexit will lead to the decline of the economic activity, but, even if that will happen, investors’ confidence will not be affected.

Private equity activity in the B2B sector will remain strong according to recent data. 2018 has been an impressive year and there are good reasons to be optimistic. Private equity will continue to thrive with powerful fundraising. The lowering of taxes and the deregulation will certainly enhance investment conditions for those interested.

Private equity investments and financial institutions

In the old days, there was no such things as private equity investments in financial institutions. Corporations were mainly interested in real estate. The considerable decline in bank stock prices determined a change of course. Private equity firms started to acquire minor interest in financial institutions, without practising control of the target. At present, private equity is powering financial services, consolidating their position as market leaders.

Regulators have recognised that private equity firms are the only serious players, so there is no denying that their intentions are honest.

With capital surging into the markets, it should not come as a surprise that financial institutions have grown. More and more firms are starting to see insurance and asset management as good sources of income and have modified their portfolios accordingly. Over time, private equity firms have developed expertise in terms of acquiring and managing such investments. Financial institutions receiving capital from private equity firms are not giving anything up. On the contrary, they are gaining a great deal in return. Examples include but are not limited to securing financing, obtaining priceless expertise, and professional oversight.

Final thoughts

It is important to realise that we are living in a post-crisis time and any accomplishment matters. There is a bright future for the private equity industry. It is true that the market is increasingly competitive, but there is hope for the better. Private equity firms will not have a tough time. As a matter of fact, they will do a lot better than at the beginning of the year.

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