How to File an Insurance Claim Properly?

car insuranceSigning up for insurance and filing for a claim are two different things. The company won’t treat you the same way as they did when you signed up. Therefore, you need to arrange everything at your end to make sure your claim is entertained.
Following, we are giving some points that will help you prepare to file your claim. These tips will ensure your application is accepted.

Get Your Information Right

If your vehicle gets hit by someone else’s car, you better get the car’s number plate and drivers information (given he didn’t run away). It will help decide whether you should claim your coverage or his.
In case you damaged your car without any third party’s involvement, you better assess the extent of the damage.

Nature Of claim

When a third party is involved, you have the following options
– Raise a Claim on Third Party’s Insurance Coverage
– Raise a Claim on Your Coverage

The best route is raising a claim on the third party’s insurance because it will help keep your no claim bonus intact. This way you will enjoy discounts or years. But if you are responsible for the harm, you have no other option, but to raise a claim on your coverage.

Let the Insurer Know

Once you made your mind, it’s time to inform the insurance about the issue, and consequent claim you raise on your policy. The insurer has a time-frame set of such inquiries. If you fail to make your claim in the given time, your claim will be rejected.

So, when you raise the claim, you better remember the following points:
Don’t bother the insurance for minor damage. Don’t waste anyone’s time and pay the insurance from your pocket. Not raising insurance will keep your no claim bonus intact. It will entitle you to a premium bonus.
You better collect every document important to repairs, the copy of police report, witness with signatures. Retain them what the insurer asks. This will help settle the claim.

Be Honest

We understand that some things are best kept in the dark. But if you hide anything important from the insurer, it will affect the premium or reject your claim. So, you need to be transparent with your insurer.
You must keep the insurer up to date according to circumstantial changes, like
– You modified the car
– Moved to another location
– Hired a Driver
– How you use your car?
A Car accident is an unfortunate event. But if there are no severe injuries, then you can begin the claiming process. Whatever you do, remain calm.

Get Your Claim Viewed by an Assessor

Come up with an explanation of what happened. Provide evidence to support your story. When you file for a damage claim, the insurer can send an assessor to your see your car. The assessor will inspect damage to your card and estimate how much it will cost the company to repair your car.

Moreover, the Product Disclosure statement will offer important information on the claim process of insurance policy. This will cover the evidence your assessor needs. So, grab every receipt you can. For more details, log on to

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