Rx.Health Raises $1.8M in Seed Funding

e-healthRx.Health, a NYC-based digital medicine platform, raised $1.8m in seed funding.

The company intends to use the funds to diversify its client base and advance its Bulk Prescription™ digital therapeutics and patient engagement tool.

A Mount Sinai Health System spinoff, Rx.Health provides RxUniverse an enterprise-wide Digital Medicine delivery system that enables physicians to prescribe evidence-based mobile health applications, multi-media education, wearables, online scheduling, remote monitoring, telemedicine and digital therapeutics to patients at the point of care. RxUniverse is live in several U.S. health systems, with additional implementations currently underway.

The company’s Bulk Prescription allows health care teams to prescribe digital therapeutics and patient-centered care plans to entire cohorts of patients through a single click. The feature will be initially launched for the treatment and monitoring of various chronic diseases, including respiratory, cardiovascular, and gastroenterological illnesses. Patients who do not have their symptoms under control can simultaneously receive immediate access to education, digital therapeutics, or remote monitoring via smartphone or email. Incoming patient data is then integrated into electronic health records (EHR) and care management dashboards, ensuring providers are streamlining care processes while meeting quality and outcome metrics.

The company is led by Chief Operating Officer Andy Pfau.



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