Augmented Interaction Tech Company Iskn Raises €10.5M

iskniskn, a Grenoble, France-based augmented interaction technology company, raised €10.5m in funding.

Backers included CM-CIC Innovation, iXO Private Equity, Partech, C4 Ventures and Supernova Invest.

The company intends to use the funds to roll-out its augmented interaction technology platform, to accelerate international development, diversify activities, and launch new products.

Co-founded by Tristan Hautson, Jean-Luc Vallejo and Timothée Jobert, iskn launched with its first app, Imagink, in October 2015, and later the Slate, which combines paper and pencil with digital technology.
The technology, which holds 20 families of patents, consists of a surface made up of a network of sensors that spatially identifies and locates a magnet in real time using the 3 dimensions (X, Y and Z), this meaning that any object can be fitted with a simple magnet to allow it to interact with the surface and therefore with the digital world – a smart surface that increases the value of objects from a digital perspective in terms of their use.



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