Ways to Make Money Without Much Effort


Whether you are a full-time employee or part-time, it does not hurt to make extra coins. There are several ways of generating cash, but some require less time and efforts while others demand full attention and commitment. If you are already earning cash, you understand that during these hard economic times, one cannot survive without enough money in your pocket. Luckily, US customers can now access funds in their accounts any time they need them so long as they are Chime bank members. In all money-making endeavors, receiving payments through a bank account and tracking transactions from anywhere with a mobile device is a necessity one cannot ignore.

Easy ways of making money

Why would you suffer from money depression while there are several options you can venture in to avoid it? Discussed here are some of the best extra-money making ways to make your life easier:

1. Renting your house to renting companies

This is one of the best ways of making money. If you are planning on going away from your home for a lengthy time, you can rent it through Airbnb or VRBO platforms, and it can earn you about $20,000 per year depending on your regions’ rental rates. Although this is a quick way of making cash, you ought to check with your local authorities because it could be illegal in your area due to occupancy contracts. Nevertheless, next time you decide to leave your home, instead of leaving it empty, consider renting it out.

2. Working online


This is another way of making extra bucks. Some people work full-time while others are not, but both could be having ample free time they can exploit to augment their incomes by working online. Of late some companies are hiring virtual assistants instead of having full-time employees to do clerical work. Others are looking for qualified writers and editors as a lot of digitization is taking place. With increased division of roles in our modern societies, it is unusual to find yourself in a situation where you are required to address the public and you could be wondering, “Where can I get someone to write speech for me?” Worry no more as you can easily get a professional speechwriter to craft a speech for you.
If you are a skilled writer, you can liaise with those companies to take advantage of these opportunities. Alternatively, you can set up a blog and start publishing content online to attract traffic, and once the site generates enough traffic, you sign up with e-advertisement companies like Google.

3. Selling stuff online


Setting up an account on popular platforms like Etsy, Ebay, Amazon and OLX can help you earn extra coins effortlessly. Household items that are no longer needed can also be sold on these platforms as secondhand goods. This is an eco friendly business that eliminates chances of stuff being dumped in waste bins while they can be useful to others. This is something one can handle even as they engage in other more demanding ventures and still make additional cash.

4. Ferry people around with your vehicle


If you have a personal vehicle that is not always engaged in private matters, and if you have ample free time, here is a tip on how to make money in transportation business. Thanks to technologies, it is now easy to partner with digital taxi companies and start earning money with your vehicle by driving passengers around. This venture requires minimal effort since all you need is to sign up an account with popular companies like Uber, Mondo, Taxify and Lyft and keep your phone online as you wait for clients to request rides on your vehicle. Alternatively, you can park it in the busiest terminals in cities and wait for potential customers there.

5. Doing online surveys

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What many people don’t know is that giving opinions on products matter. Before products are released to the market in mass, they are tested on small focus groups which are in turn expected to give their feelings and opinions and the same is used in improving those products to meet public expectations. Currently, there are genuine companies that constantly are looking for people to test products and give their honest opinions through online surveys. Some companies pay peanuts although you can get a well paying one by researching for one or through a referral.

6. Starting a phone money farm


That is another quite popular way of making money. To start with, establish a phone money farm usa. This is considered a passive way to make money, and the only thing you need to do that is to get a proper app and be patient. You will be able to make money by streaming ads and videos.

Easy money making options to avoid

things to avoid

Even as we embrace the idea of making extra bucks, not all ways to make your life easier are recommended. Some involve selling illegal substances while others are pure scams that impoverishing players since they involve sending money with a promise of higher returns. Some of those to avoid are:

(1) Casinos: These involve gambling with money to make more money. Over time, one gets hooked in the process and may end up stealing and/or selling family properties to quench their gambling appetites.

(2) Pyramids: These require investors to recruit others in order to recoup their initial investment. If not managed well, investors may end up losing their hard earned cash and never recover anything as promised.

(3) Trials asking a few dollars and promise money back guarantees: This a trick used by fraudsters to steal money. They use this trick to get your credit card used when paying trial cash.

Like we have seen, there are several ways of making extra coins without breaking a sweat. This list is not exhaustive, but the few options that have been discussed here are some of the best to try. In the same breath, there are a few highlighted at the tail end of this article like pyramids and casinos which are not recommended and should be avoided.

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