NewSchools Venture Fund to Invest in Innovative Schools and Diverse Leaders

NewSchools Venture Fund, an Oakland, Ca.-based edtech venture capital firm, announced that funding opportunities are now open for two investment areas:
Innovative Schools and
Diverse Leaders.

For teams of educators and entrepreneurs who are either opening a new innovative school or interested in advancing and supporting Black and Latino leadership in education, this opportunity could provide the funding to launch a new venture.

Up to $8 million in total funding is now available.

While both the Innovative Schools and Diverse Leaders investment areas will launch new funding opportunities on August 1, the opportunities will close at different times. Diverse Leaders will close on Sept. 7, 2018 and Innovative Schools will close Nov. 26, 2018.
In addition to funding, the selected ventures also receive management assistance and opportunities to collaborate within a cohort of other organizations selected for this round of funding.



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