Modulus Discovery Raises US$7.2M in Series A Funding Round

MODULUS_logoModulus Discovery, Inc., a Tokyo, Japan-based early stage drug discovery company, raised a total of 800M Japanese Yen (approximately US $7.2M) for its series A funding round.

The round was led by Fast Track Initiative, Inc. (FTI) and joined by PeptiDream, Inc. and DBJ Capital Co., Ltd. (DBJ-C), the venture capital subsidiary of Development Bank of Japan.

The company intends to use the funds to accelerate its drug discovery research through leveraging its proprietary computational platform and efficient virtual pharma operating model. In particular, Modulus plans to further develop its platform, accelerate its collaborative drug discovery research programs with PeptiDream, expand its R&D and business teams, and initiate additional collaborations globally with industry and academic partners that show synergistic potential with the company’s platform and capabilities.

Led by S. Roy Kimura, CEO, Modulus Discovery provides a preclinical stage drug discovery company focused on rapid design and generation of small molecule clinical candidates for a range of high-value disease targets through the use of its computational drug discovery expertise and biology insights.
The international team is comprised of drug design and disease biology experts with previous R&D experience at global pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and computational technology companies.



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