Materialtech Startup Corebon Raises SEK35M

corebonCorebon AB, a Swedish material tech startup, raised SEK35M in funding.

Scania Growth Capital made the investment.

Led by Tobias Björnhov, Founder and CEO, Corebon has developed a method for producing components of carbon fibre reinforced plastics which is applicable to a wide range of products in industries such as automotive, telecommunication, aerospace and robotics.
The patented process is based on induction heating and enables the company to produce carbon fibre components at higher speed than through existing established methods.
The quality of the produced carbon fibre component is also improved, and energy consumption in production is considerably lower.

In conjunction with the funding, Per-Arne Eriksson, Head of Customised Truck Development at Scania, will join the board of directors of Corebon.



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