Indoor Farming Robotics Startup Root AI Raises $2.3M

rootaiRoot AI, a Somerville, Massachusetts-based AI-powered robotics company focused on innovating indoor farming, raised $2.3m in funding.

The round was led by First Round with participation from Accomplice, Schematic Ventures, Liquid2 Ventures and Half Court Ventures.

The company intends to use the funds to continue to advance its product and make it more broadly available next year.

Led by Josh Lessing, Co-Founder & CEO, Root AI is building intelligent robots that will enable growers to build smart farms featuring security and quality of food and no longer be limited by unpredictable climate or access to land.
The company’s artificial intelligence technology features vision systems which can see fruits and understand whether they’re ripe and ready to pick even in highly cluttered and complicated growing environments, patent-pending grippers which can reach deep into tangled vines and pluck a single ripe fruit without leaving a mark, and sensors which see the world in full 3D and can use this information to plan the right path to the target.



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