Email Scrubbing, the Most Effective Way to Boost your Email Marketing ROI


EmailEmail is a fast, flexible and cost-effective way for businesses to reach customers, but only if it’s used right.

Invalid email addresses cause bounce rates to rise, and risky addresses affect your sender reputation. Thereby, it is very important to use an email scrubbing system to avoid these problems. The email scrubbing process is a crucial step of email marketing, as it maintains a good reputation and helps you achieve high deliverability rates.

An email scrubbing system verifies all bad email addresses in your list to ensure you reach your subscribers. It checks syntax and domain and deploys multi-layer testing to identify and remove troublesome addresses, such as spam traps, abuse, catch-all and disposable emails. An email scrubbing API usually comes with the service of your choice and you can install it on your platform to verify email addresses in real time. The API will prevent malicious and incorrect addresses to sign up for your newsletters. The API-protected form will detect any typos, so the email address won’t be submitted until it is corrected. The API also prevents malicious codes or texts in the form, so automatic bots have less of a chance to register.

Email scrubbing is a critical step for email marketing success. Email marketing is an effective strategy and there is high demand for it. Many marketers and business owners use email scrubbing services to keep their email lists in shape. Email list scrubbing helps them reach their marketing goals.

A reliable email scrubbing system will take your messy list and turn it into a mine gold. By removing bad email addresses, it maximizes its potential to return the revenue every email marketer expects from their campaigns. Email scrubbing maintains long-term good sending reputation, ensuring that email campaigns are reaching customers.

What to keep in mind when choosing an email scrubbing system

If you decided you need an email scrubbing system, scan the internet to find the best one. Some offer more benefits than others and come at a better price. A few aspects to keep in mind before making your purchase would be the complexity of the email scrubbing features, the price, the reliability of the customer support team and how the company handles your private data. Read their privacy policy before committing to a service, and make sure the email scrubbing company is GDPR compliant.

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