Datree Raises $3M in Seed Funding

datreeDatree, a San Francisco, CA and Tel Aviv, Israel-based git-centric operations management platform, secured $3m in seed funding.

TLV Partners made the investment.

Founded by Tel Aviv developers Arthur Schmunk, Eyar Zilberman and Shimon Tolts, Datree is a git-centric operations management platform that fixes the challenges of DevOps scaling by cataloging an organization’s entire development stack, automating Git Operations tasks and preventing dangerous changes to applications and infrastructure.
The solution scans and monitors all of a company’s public and private code repositories to build a 360-degree catalog of the entire ecosystem: all the code components (open source and internal packages, infrastructure as code, cloud services and more), as well as people and repositories. Its real-time catalog knows which people and teams work on which code components, and who are the in-house experts on particular tools and packages.

All of this is accessed via interactive dashboards.

Next, a smart policy engine enables developers to work within an organization’s best-practice guidelines. They get real-time information and insights pushed to their existing work environment (eg the command line and Slack) to make informed decisions.

Datree checks every pull request against user-defined policies and standards, and blocks risky code components, unstable versions, and unauthorized changes to “infrastructure as code” and Git configurations.



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