Benhamou Global Ventures Closes Opportunity Fund, at over $40M

bgvBenhamou Global Ventures, a Palo Alto, CA-based early-stage venture capital firm, closed its opportunity fund, at over $40m.

BGV Opportunity Fund’s investors included previous limited partners and several new international and institutional limited partners.

The fund will focus on capturing the full pro rata in winning portfolio companies from BGV II and BGV III as they mature and raise late stage equity rounds. Target portfolio companies will have achieved product market fit, established a repeatable go-to-market process, and have a full management team and credible scalability plans in place.
Typically target portfolio companies will have a lower overall risk profile and a shorter time to liquidity relative to earlier stages, having effectively navigated the typical early stage technology and market risks.
Its first investment from the BGV Opportunity Fund was made in San Jose, California-based Virtual Instruments, a BGV II portfolio company in syndication with Highbar Partners. Virtual Instruments offers real-time infrastructure performance monitoring, analytics, and storage validation products that provide application workload visibility to Global 2000 enterprise companies, government, and service providers.

Benhamou Global Ventures has an exclusive focus on the digital transformation of the enterprise with a cross-border innovation theme,



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