Why Privileged Activity Monitoring Works

No matter how successful, problems will arise within your business. And insider attacks can be the most difficult problem to fix. Because of that, you need a privileged activity monitoring software to ensure that all registered users are acting accordingly.

What is a privileged user account?

In order to know how to control and monitor users, we first have to know what a privileged user account is and how to identify it. A privileged user account is an account that has non-restrictive access to the system. These accounts give users the ability to view restricted data, and modify critical system settings.

The best way to describe a privileged user account the scope that they are allowed to have control

  • Domain: This account gives the user administrative access to the servers and workstation within a particular domain. Domain accounts have the highest level of control on the system, such as the ability to manage multiple administrative accounts for systems within the domain.
  • Application accounts: Application accounts give users administrative control over applications. They can be used to perform setup and maintenance and to manage databases. These accounts have control over the data in your application and can be used to steal sensitive information.
  • Local accounts: Local accounts grant access to a single workstation or server. They allow full control over the system and are used by IT specialists to maintain the system properly.

Dangers of Privileged Accounts

One of the biggest fears that companies face is a loss of data. Elevated level of user privileges allows users to complete a variety of illegal or malicious actions, from a simple data misuse to fully compromise the system.

Users might use their administrative access to steal financial information and sensitive client data in order to leak it or sell it online. Privileged accounts can be used to access, modify, or delete sensitive data, which opens up possibilities for fraud.

Computer savvy users will use privileged accounts to install exploits or backdoors to grant them full access to the system.

However, what makes privileged accounts dangerous isn’t their extent of access, but how easy it is for infiltrators to perform malicious actions and how difficult it is to detect it. Therefore, it’s important for a modern company to protect themselves from insider threats associated with privileged accounts.

What can I do about it?

The first thing you can do to prevent his problem is through privileged activity monitoring. Recording user actions is the most efficient way to stop insider threats. Plus, they have a detection tool to determine what was the cause of an insider attack.

Professional privileged activity monitoring apps can give you the necessary visibility to immediately respond to incidents when they happen and control privileged sessions.

Alternatively, you have to make sure that all privileged users in your company are accounted for. This means that no user inside your organization should have an unnecessary amount of authority within your


We believe that privileged activity monitoring is the best way to keep your organization safe. By using it, you ensure that all of the users in your network will be held responsible for malicious actions. Conclusively, monitor your employees privileged account activity to ensure that your company is safe from all forms of insider attacks.

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