Trends, The Rise of The Essay Writing Industry

The trend of essay writing services began in the 1990s when companies began offering customized essays for sale. They also offered other ghostwriting services which contributed to the growth of the online business. Currently, an approximation of seventy percent of university students agrees to have used online essay writing services.

Reasons why students hire ghostwriters

Some students are not proficient at writing good essays that would guarantee them a good grade at the end of the semester. As a result, they end up seeking help from the writing industry so as to deliver quality work. The easy writing companies have experts in different fields of study that work to deliver quality work to the students.

As well, some students lack sufficient time to carry out their assignments because they have various commitments. Among them are job and family responsibilities hence making it difficult to manage them together with class work. This forces them to seek the help of ghostwriters so that they can complete and achieve good grades.

Another reason is that other students find themselves in a mood that makes it difficult for them to handle classwork. The thought of carrying out intensive research makes them hire ghostwriters so that they can work on their projects. This is a common case for the rich students because the writing services are costly.

Major competitors in the essay writing industry

The main competitors in the essay writing industry are the various companies that offer the service such as Essay Basics, and EssaZoo among others. Each company has specific tactics that it uses in order to lure students into using their services. Among such tactics are different prices that offer the student a chance to choose according to their pockets, possible deadlines and different tutor qualifications. The students have the obligation of making a wise choice to ensure that the work delivered is worth their money. The companies have specialized in quality tutors hence increasing the amount of competition in the market.

In addition to the companies, the other competitors are online tutors that offer to write essays for sale. These tutors are a major competitor because they offer chances for price negotiation unlike most of the companies. The one-on-one level through which they work with the students makes it easy to deliver quality work. The private tutors make it easy for a student writing essay due to simplified research.

Problems with the academic writing industry

The internet is full of all kinds of people such as fraudsters. Such fraud causes a main problem for the academic writing industry because students fear to order essays and end up losing money. As a result, this has reduced the income that the companies obtain from their services. It also leads to students losing trust in them.

Also, the industry is faced with the issue of hacking. The hacking can be done by students to get their work done for free or the tutors to earn more than the allocated amount. When such a case happens, the companies end up losing huge amounts of money.

Concisely, the writing industry is growing at a very high rate hence calling for the users to be very keen about the issue of plagiarism while remaining relevant in the market. Experts from suggest that the industry is faced with different problems and the students should ensure that they don’t fall into the hands of fraudsters. The companies have to work their best in order to beat the rising competition. This can be done by having a good pricing strategy.

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