The Effects of Tech on Natural Commodities

Technology is a broad term that is commonly used to refer to high-tech inventions or computerization. Well, this definition is not fully accurate.

Tech in a real sense involves crafting materials and changing them into tools that allow human beings to control natural resources to meet their daily needs.
Such tools include the multi-user commissioning platform developed by, which helps in the planning, commissioning and monitoring of projects.

Development of technology can be dated back to the Stone Age when man discovered fire. Apart from fire, the Stone Age men invented stone axes and spears, which they used for protection. This discovery and invention made life better and can, therefore, be called technological advancement. Today’s technological progress is not confined to the mere objective of meeting man’s basic needs. The advancement began with the Stone Age. Then,theBronze Ageand Iron Age followed. Today, technological advancement is proceeding at an especially rapid pace.

Extraction and consumption of natural resources are being affected by technological advancements. Technological advancements have brought many excellent things in life. Hence, economic growth has been accelerated. The impact of some of the very early technology has been the widespread use of combustion, which has brought about greenhouse gas emission.

Below, are various technological advancements and their impacts on natural resources.

Green Technology

Green technology has come up with different and better solutions for generating heat and energy. Instead of using wood in burning, the sun’s UV rays are being harnessed through solar panels. Also, the use of wind currents to generate electricity has lessened the demand for coal and fossil fuels.
Today, green technology is aimed at reducing all the negative impacts of technology since many people have developed various chronic respiratory illnesses. In China, for instance, most households rely on wood burning. China is, therefore, ranked as having the greatest number of fatalities for people with asthma.
Some technologies are conceptualized without keenly considering the consequences. For example, greenhouse gas emission has brought about global warming, air pollution, rising water levels, acidification of ocean water, soil depletion and disrupted wildlife and marine biodiversity.

Technological Advancement in Mining

As stated earlier,we are now in an unprecedented state of technological growth. Most countries have found it essential to harness their environment’s resources through mining. Technological advancement in the mining sector has come with greater negative impacts on the environment.Most of these have caused massive losses in terms of the environment.

For example, in the U.S. there was an acid mine drainage problem that led to a series of chemical reactions. It causedthe contamination of natural groundwater and also affected growth, breeding, and aquatic life. Due to corrosion by the acids, metal bridges and metal structures were impacted too.

In summary, we should all be patient with environmental rehabilitation plansand policies that are being put in place. Their value cannot be understated. The results may not occur in our lifetime but will be essential for future generations.

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