Smarter Sorting’s Seed Funding Now Totals $9.3M

Smarter Sorting, an Austin, Texas-based energy tech startup, announced the raise of an additional $4.3m.

The seed round now amounts to $9.3m in total.

The company is using the funds to continue to expand its development efforts and its business reach.

Led by Chris Ripley, CEO, Smarter Sorting provides a platform that charts new path for environmental regulatory compliance to help meet global sustainability goals, Through its innovative technology, the company gives cities and retailers the tools to identify all items in their regulated waste stream by their reuse opportunity, effectively turning waste bound for incineration into products that can be reused.

The intelligent platform, the compliance cloud, is currently being used by 17 municipalities across the country, including in San Mateo and Marin counties, and by several of the United States’ largest retailers.



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