Sleep Problem Solving Company Beddr Raises $5.6M in Series A

Beddr, a Mountain View, CA-based sleep problem solving company, raised $5.6M in Series A funding.

The round was led by Three Leaf Ventures, with participation from the Stanford-StartX Fund, Delta Dental Washington Seed Fund and I.T. Farm, as well as top experts in technology and healthcare.

The company intends to use the funds for the commercial launch of the Beddr SleepTuner, as well as further development of its integrated sleep approach.

In the future, Beddr expects to offer seamless access to board-certified sleep physicians, personalized treatment options, and ongoing coaching and support to drive improved outcomes at lower costs.

Led by Mike Kisch, CEO, Tom Goff, CTO, Simon Vining, VP Marketing and Product Development, and Kirby Chiang, Lead Mechanical Engineer, Beddr is a health technology company which aims to improve the quality of life for individuals through an integrated, digital approach to understanding and improving sleep. Now available for pre-order, the SleepTuner integrates a clinical-grade sleep sensor, mobile app and predictive analytics to provide personalized insights and actions. Its  compact sensor captures and correlates key data points that provide insights into the causes of sleep issues, including blood oxygen saturation, stopped breathing events, heart rate, heart rate spikes and sleep position. The SleepTuner connects wirelessly with the Beddr mobile app, guiding users through the sleep tuning process. The app compares each sleep assessment result to the prior one so users can see the impact of sleep tuning over time.

The Beddr SleepTuner can be preordered now from for early fall delivery. The suggested retail price is $149, but the SleepTuner is being offered at an introductory price of $99 while supplies last.



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