Open X Innovations Launches to Invest in Enterprise Tech Simplification and Agility Startups

Hosein Khajeh-Hosseiny, PhD, the former CEO and Managing General Partner of Northgate Capital, a venture capital and private equity firm, and a Senior Advisor at McKinsey & Co., launched Open X Innovations LLC.

Open X Innovations will provide proprietary funding to startups, and support related to product definition, go-to-market strategies and will enable them to get access to a global commercial network.
Based both in San Francisco and London, with associated partners located beyond these cities, OpenX Innovations focuses on supporting enterprise technology entrepreneurs with distinctive artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies focused on enterprise technology simplification and corporate agility.

Dr. Khajeh-Hosseiny brings to the firm a career in business as an entrepreneur and private equity and venture capital investor. He started his private markets investing career at McKinsey & Co. as Head of Global Private Equity Investments at the firm’s investment office, MIO Partners, before joining Northgate Capital in 2004.
During his 20 years of McKinsey advisory, he has also served CEOs, boards and senior executives of many notable global and national corporations.



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