How to Budget for a New Website Design

web designOnce a website is up, many business owners tend to think that’s it. Their products show, the copy is SEO-ready and the pics look great. But are you getting everything you can from your online presence?

Do you boast mobile-responsive website design for example? With all the technological changes for website design and the nifty tools that can make you work more efficiently, it doesn’t hurt to take a closer look at your current website and see how it could be redesigned to increase your conversion rates.

Deciding for your website redesign budget can be tricky though. You can make it as expensive as you like, but ideally your investment isn’t more than you can earn back within a reasonable time.

What do you need?

A basic shopping window. Some information about your company, team, values and products.

Do you offer a wide range of products or services? Perhaps you’d benefit more from a portfolio-type of website design that shows what you are all about.

While, if your business requires membership login, security features, dashboards and other more complex features, you are looking at a complex website design.

In short, the more features your website needs, the more money you will need to spend.

Your address

You will need a URL for your website. Choose one wisely as changing it at a later stage will negatively impact your SEO ranking and you want your URL to be easy to remember and reflective of what you do and who you are.

Hosting fee

Your URL will live on a platform (the host for your domain). You can get cheap ones from about $16 a month, but prices be several thousands too. It all depends on the host you pick and every host will have its benefits. For example, WordPress might be more expensive, but their community is so large that you will always find an answer to any website issues you may run into. Especially if you are not tech-savvy, it is worth considering features like this.


Building a website from scratch is costly and takes time and usually not really needed for small to medium business owners. There are many free templates available, but if you want something more complex and tailored for a specific type of business you may need to calculate a few more dollars in.


Once your website is up, you will need to make sure the content stays fresh and that the imagery and prices are updated. If you want your website to be relevant in the search rankings you are probably looking at running a blog. Somebody will need to write the blog posts and they need to be uploaded. You will need to budget for one or more team members or freelancers to maintain the site’s relevance.


Next, write down your budget. How much can you spend on a new website design without breaking the bank. Write down all the costs you think you will have for your required template, maintenance, host platform and URL.

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