Forbion Holds €270M First Close of Fourth Life Sciences VC Fund

Forbion, a Naarden, The Netherlands, and Munich, Germany-based life science venture capital firm, held the first close of its fourth flagship fund, at €270m.

Forbion is targeting Autumn 2018 for the final close of Forbion IV.

The fund will primarily focus on EU and the UK (together c. 80% of investment), with the remainder of the fund targeting opportunities in North America.
It will focus on biotech also looking to build on its proven ability to curate, initiate and transform investment ideas into standalone businesses, built around exciting new science, proven teams or assets sourced externally from Pharma.
Forbion will thus build a portfolio of approximately 15 companies, of which ten will be existing “growth” opportunities and five will be new companies (co-)founded by Forbion, so-called “build” opportunities.

Led by Sander Slootweg, Geert-Jan Mulder and Martien van Osch. the fourth fund will target substantial initial stakes of 20-50%, looking to take lead positions and work alongside entrepreneurial management teams.



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