Double Helix Optics Raises $1M in Funding

Double Helix Optics, a Boulder, Colo.-based 3D nano-imaging company, raised $1m in funding.

Luminate made the investment as an award of its grand prize after more than 125 companies participated in multiple rounds of competition.

Led by Leslie Kimerling, co-founder and CEO, Double Helix Optics is advancing Light Engineering™ technology which turns 2D imaging into 3D information capture, allowing scientists to see structures in their entirety to accelerate disease discovery and research, drug development, industrial inspection, and beyond.

The company’s SPINDLE® 3D nano-imaging module integrates with existing microscopes, cameras, and other optical instruments to turn 2D imaging into 3D information capture. This implementation allows for super-resolution 3D imaging and tracking at the individual molecular level. This technology is extensible to precision 3D imaging and sensing for object capture applications including robotics, inspection and machine vision.

Already, the Double Helix Light Engineering platform technology – originally developed at the lab of company Co-founder Dr. Rafael Piestun at the University of Colorado, Boulder – is in use at leading research laboratories in the U.S. and Europe.

Double Helix applied to the Luminate program in order to scale its operations and further extend its reach into life sciences, drug discovery and machine vision markets.



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