Audio Measurement Platform Veritonic Raises $3.5M in Seed Funding

VeritonicVeritonic, a New York-based audio effectiveness platform, raised $3.5m in seed funding.

The round was led by Newark Venture Partners with participation from Imagination Capital, Kiwi Venture Partners, MDC Ventures, and SWaN & Legend Venture Partners.

Founded by CEO Scott Simonelli, COO Andrew Eisner and CTO Kevin Marshall, pioneers in online testing and optimization, Veritonic provides an analytics platform built specifically to quantify the value of sound, enabling audio platforms, brands and others to leverage the most impactful audio to nurture deeper relationships with customers.
The company is already working with leading audio platforms, including Pandora, Westwood One, Audible and National Public Media; brands like Bose, Subway and E*TRADE; and sonic branding agencies such as iV Audio Branding and AudioUX.
These businesses are leveraging the platform in many ways, including:
– Pre-market creative testing: testing audio creative (voices, music, audio logos and more) before launching them,
– Benchmarking/Normative analysis: the ability to compare large volumes of audio assets easily, against competitors, industry norms and more,
– Thought leadership, to generate new, critical research on how consumers respond to audio creative, from ads to voice commands on smart speaker platforms to audiobook narration.

Veritonic also has offices in Newark, London and Denver.



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