Aging Drug Discovery Company Antoxerene Raises $10M in Financing

Antoxerene, Inc., a LaFayette, New York-based company focused on small molecule drug discovery for pathways of aging, launched a joint venture with Juvenescence Limited.

The joint venture, called FoxBio, Inc., will develop Antoxerene’s collection of small molecules that target senescent cells.

Juvenescence will support the venture with $10m in equity financing and drug development expertise.

Led by Kelsey Moody, CEO, and Aaron Wolfe, COO, Antoxerene is a small molecule drug discovery platform. Founded in 2016, the company has largely focused on small molecule discovery through the study of protein-protein interactions that drive the survival of toxic senescent cells, which have been implicated in the onset and progression of several age-associated diseases.
The company works to identify and develop novel compounds to selectively destroy these cells and restore tissue function.

It is a portfolio company of Ichor Therapeutics.



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