What Investors Look for in an ICO

The price of Bitcoin rose more than 1300% in 2017, as crypto mania finally came to its head. Nowadays, blockchain and cryptocurrency is being used for everything from purchasing housing such as condos for sale in Albuquerque, to improving food supplies.

One area that many new coins and blockchain products suffer from is a lack of marketing. Becoming more and more saturated by the day, ICOs are struggling to stand out from the crowd. Aside from hiring a marketing firm, we thought we’d detail some of the most important considerations investors look at before investing in an ICO.

The Team

The first page that investors will navigate to is your team page. Generally, you’ll want to compose your staff of a third advisors who will act as influencers for your ICO. Investors want to see established entrepreneurs, tech gurus, and thought leaders actively invested and committed to your ICO project.

The team is almost more important than the product itself. Consider that anyone can create a landing page with a white paper and scam investors. What investors want to see are legitimate industry players actively involved in your project. It not only provides legitimacy to your ICO, but also authority.

White Paper

Your white paper will explain the product you are attempting to raise money for, as well as market opportunities for your blockchain application. This will include ways your blockchain application addresses an issue in the market and how it can capitalize on it. The white paper should also discuss tokenization, as well as user rights relating to the product.

Create a strong mission and value statement that can both be marketed to investors, as well as customers.

Be detailed and provide market based evidence for your technology. Thin content will be not perceived well by investors and cost you your ICO.


On the same note, having a working prototype will go a long way in convincing investors to invest in your ICO. Not every ICO will have a working prototype, but you need to outline the costs it will take to create one, as well as a timeline for expected launch. Even providing functional code will provide evidence for your skills as a developer and the likelihood of a successful product launch.


This is where it helps to have a marketing and media team by your side. Generally though, establishing clear communications within the cryptocurrency community through forums and threads will attract attention to your ICO. On the same note, providing press releases for crypto publications, such as Coin Desk, will attract widespread attention for your ICO once it goes live. Be sure to provide accurate details and discuss your value proposition with your audience.


The last thing that investors and smaller investors will look for is your tokenization strategy. Tokens can serve many properties within the blockchain algorithm, either as a utility or work token or as equity of the business itself. You should have a strategy outlining this and how investors will be compensated for their investment.

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