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Things to Bring Back from Your Jaipur Trip


Even though sand dunes, camels and sunsets of Rajasthan suggest a strictly yellow themed destination, the cultural life of Jaipur in India is filled with rainbow colours. If you are a tourist in this land of incredible sights, you may often find yourself amidst a market full of colourful goods or a museum of hereditary cultural emblems which are exquisitely designed. Indeed, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the “pink” city of Rajasthan has more than a single colour to reflect. And for a non-native visitor, what could be more tempting than a pocket full of these Jaipuri colours? So, if you are looking forward to revamping your homes in the hues of this place, here are the few things you must take back from your trip. So, if you are planning a trip to Jaipur from Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad or any other city, be sure of checking out this list. But first, Ahmedabad to Jaipur flights to have a peaceful journey.

1. Glossy Sculptures in Minakari Work
Walk into any gift shop or local market in Jaipur, and you would find a section dedicated to the “minakari” or enamel art. Assisted with pendants and other decorative beads, minakari sculptures can add a classic look to your home. If you fall in love with it, do not forget to check out its jewellery designs available at as low prices.

2. The Collectible Gem Stones
In Indian cultures, gemstones are precious decorative which are used for embellishment and good luck. So, the Johari Bazaar of Jaipur is bound to be laden with bountiful wonders of these gemstones since Rajasthan is a majorly Hindu State. If you hope to have bargain skills, then surely check out the amethyst stone for it’s a perfect souvenir of a Jaipur visit.

3. Giggle with the Puppets
You may easily find these little figurines tied to strings at different Jaipur shops where they may seem to be smiling at passers-by. They are not only the quintessential Rajasthani symbols but also a brilliant home décor element. In case you’re running on a low budget, pack these little guys in your holiday bag at just a hundred bucks with no regrets or apprehensions!

4. Enchanting Jaipuri Blue Pottery
Even though it is not a unique invention of Jaipur, the blue pottery of this city is a sight to look out for. Available in forms of pots, pans, soap cases, jewellery and games this art form can enliven your living room cabinet with bright hues. Do visit the Jaipur Blue Pottery Art Centre on Amer Road if you wish to gain priceless information about this art or watch artists in action.

5. Infinite Sophistication in Jaipuri Hand Knotted Rugs/Carpets
Jaipur has rich traditions of artistry which is not only limited to sculptures or clothing. The Jaipuri hand knotted carpets in silk or wool are a must have for your house if elegance and sophistication are your interior designing idea. Do inquire about the knots of your favourite carpet before purchase, since the higher the knots, the more durable the piece.

6. Essential Women Must-Haves – the Lehariya Sari and Bandhani Work
The lehariya saris and bandhani work head dupattas are usually sold together since they form a crucial part of women’s clothing in Jaipur. Probably the most ancient and unique of all art forms, these clothing designs are suitable for all women and readily available across the city.
It is indeed a wonder that one may procure a considerable number of souvenirs from Jaipur under the cost of cheap Ahmedabad to Jaipur flights. But then this fact only stands to exemplify the richness of Jaipuri culture which cannot be reduced to currencies and stands forever accepting of visitors. So, don’t wait any longer and rush to grab your piece of Jaipur!