Square Acquired Weebly: What Does It Mean For Other Website Builders?

All across the globe and in the business world, company acquisitions take place every day, and it’s no surprise that it’s just one of the many ways “to do business.” In late April of 2018, Square acquired Weebly; a deal that is beneficial to both companies.

Most people know Square for their payment hardware (like point of sale systems and card readers), which particularly beneficial for small and independent businesses. Weebly is another business which is geared towards helping entrepreneurs grow with their website-building services.

The merging of the two businesses is a smart move because together they can become a “one-stop” shop in many ways for businesses that are starting out and want to keep costs relatively low.

As we watch these two companies become one, it makes us wonder what’s in store for other online website builders. Didn’t know that other website builders existed? Visit the Best 10 Website Builders, and you’ll see that Weebly has some healthy competition. Let’s take a look at what the acquisition between Weebly and Square might mean for other website builders.

Will It Hurt or Help Business?

When Weebly and Square became one, there was probably a mix of reactions from website building competitors. While it may bring more opportunity (such as a large sum of money and more customers) to Weebly, the company is becoming part of Square and is no longer its own entity.

With one less competitor (so to speak), it offers more business opportunities for other website builders. Small business owners that don’t want to use Square or any of the services they offer, may decide to create their own website by using another website builder.

Regarding competition among website builders, the acquisition only made the competition stronger. With stronger competition, some website builders may “up their game” by offering more features or improve certain aspects that are already available to business owners.

Is There A Future In Acquisitions?

While Square is definitely well-known, it’s not the only company that offers payment software for growing businesses.

With other businesses like Intuit GoPayment and Merchant Account becoming viable options for entrepreneurs, there’s always the possibility these mobile payment businesses may someday merge with another website building company and offer a variety of services to entrepreneurs.

What The Merge Says About Website Builders

While some website builders may worry about how the merge between Weebly and Square may affect their own business, the news of the acquisition is a good sign that website builders are an important and valuable tool for all types of business owners.

With hundreds of startups every year, there’s the need for affordable and creative options for online businesses and website builders continue to provide that service. While hiring someone to build a business website was the most popular (and one of the only options) years ago, it was expensive and difficult to control.

Website builders help businesses have an online presence in a relatively short amount of time and with little hassle, which is crucial for new business owners.

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