Samsung NEXT Launches Samsung Next Q Fund

Samsung NEXT, the arm of Samsung that works with entrepreneurs and innovators to build, grow and scale software and services, launched Samsung Next Q Fund to enable the potential of artificial intelligence.

Q Fund will provide Seed and Series A financing to startups solving AI problems, as well as those using AI to solve computer science problems. It will have the flexibility to invest in non-obvious, forward-thinking approaches to AI instead of the applied AI technologies we see in the market today.

Problem spaces Q Fund will examine could include areas such as:

  • learning in simulation,
  • scene understanding,
  • intuitive physics,
  • program learning programs,
  • automl,
  • robot control,
  • human computer interaction and
  • meta learning.

The fund is particularly interested in innovators who apply novel approaches to these challenges.

The Samsung NEXT team behind Q Fund – led by Vincent Tang and Ajay Singh – works closely with researchers to identify new approaches to machine learning and perform technical diligence on new opportunities.

Advisors include:

  • Liangliang Cao (Columbia),
  • Shih-Fu Chang (Columbia),
  • David Duvenaud (Vector Institute),
  • Song Han (MIT),
  • Tim Kraska (MIT),
  • Zach Lipton (Carnegie Mellon),
  • Olga Russakovsky (Princeton),
  • Julian Togelius (NYU), and
  • others.



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