Platform for Researchers Labstep Secures £1M in Funding

Labstep, a London, UK-based platform for researchers, secured £1m in funding.

The backers remained undisclosed.

The company intends to use the funds to double its team to 12, launch a marketplace for lab supplies and add features that streamline how scientists will outsource elements of their research.

Led by Jake Schofield, Founder and CEO, Labstep captures real-time scientific data and connects lab groups enabling information sharing and reproducibility. It allows scientists to build libraries of experimental procedures, run these interactively at the laboratory bench and then automatically record their progress, building a timeline of experiments. This record of the process steps that lead to results can be attached to papers so other scientists can replicate the findings. Users can package this into a project and generate a unique link to attach to their paper, this way people can see exactly how their results were produced and reproduce the findings.
In the coming months, the company will roll out “Market Place Ordering” addressing the lab reagents market and will launch “Cloud Based Experimentation” features that allow users to outsource elements of their experimental process. They will then be able to automatically track how these activities are progressing and have the final results incorporated directly into their experimentation results in their Labstep notebook.

Labstep has users from over 600 universities globally including, Stanford, Harvard and MIT in the US, and Oxford, University College London, Imperial College, King’s College and the Crick Institute in the UK.



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