NowEscape Plans to Transform the Online Booking Rooms in the UK

NowEscape is a leading provider of Escape Room bookings. The Escape Rooms reviewed and listed by this company are designed to entertain your friends, family and colleagues. With enthralling adventures, surprises and emotions, you are guaranteed to find some of the best London escape room games. The booking of rooms at NowEscape is made easy by through following features.

The NowEscape booking a room setup

NowEscape has set up distinct Escape Rooms where players get to enjoy the different games that the company has to offer. Each of the Room in the NowEscape platform remains ‘Listed’ or open for booking until someone books it. Upon booking the Room, the service provider will get an instant confirmation message.

The platform is unique in that booking confirmations messages go directly to the Service Provider and some of the information which can be shared include:
– The first and the last name of the user
– The phone number and email of the user
– All information about the room which has been booked
– Unique reference number of the booking
– Information about cancelling the booking
– The telephone number, email address of the service provider
– The telephone number and email address of the user

The user has an opportunity to discontinue the process provided the final confirmation appears on the screen. The players are advised to arrive 15 minutes before the game starts as late arrival may be considered as a cancelled booking.

The way the company handles complaints

NowEscape is committed to offering customers the best service in the industry. The company has a responsive support team which endeavors to solve all complaints within the shortest time possible. Even though the company says it does not guarantee exceptional service always, it encourages any client with an issue to contact customer service.

How providers are paid

A registered service provider gets an automatic payout weekly. However, the service provider has to provide a valid bank account which must belong to the service provider. After all documentation has been verified, the payout will be processed and executed in the form of a bank transfer. The payout will get processed within 24 hours after a request for the same has been received. It is important to note though that during the payout, credit card fee and payout transaction fees will be charged to the service provider.

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