Juvenescence Raises $50M in Series A Fuunding

Juvenescence Limited, a Douglas, Isle of Man-based leader in the development of therapies to slow, halt or potentially reverse aging, raised $50m in Series A financing.

Backers included founders, insiders, institutional investors and family offices.

The company is now using the funds to advance all of its core projects.

Founded in 2016 by Jim Mellon, Dr Greg Bailey, Dr Declan Doogan, Anthony Chow, and Alexander Pickett, Juvenescence is a life science and biotech company developing therapies to increase healthy human longevity.
Its portfolio currently includes:
– Insilico Medicine, an artificial intelligence company specializing in the application of deep learning to drug discovery and aging research;
– Juvenescence AI, a joint venture with Insilico Medicine focused on the clinical development of AI-generated compounds;
– NetraPharma, a joint venture using artificial intelligence to improve clinical trial design;
– LyGenesis, a company with technology to use a patient’s own lymph nodes as bioreactors to grow functioning ectopic organs; and
– AgeX Therapeutics, a company applying intellectual property related to cell immortality and pluripotency to biogerontology.

In addition to the above assets, Juvenescence has signed several deals with the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, a global leader in aging research. It is also in advanced negotiations with several other undisclosed research institutions.

Since its formation in October 2016, the company has raised $63m. With key milestones targeted over the next 12 months, Juvenescence will review future funding requirements to advance its programs, and is currently contemplating a potential listing in 2019.



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